Brixby, a decentralised transportation app, will include chatbots in its platform

Brixby (, a blockchain based transportation app, that will utilize the Ethereum network, today announced cooperation with ( ) a developer and a promoter of a new generation chatbot marketplace and platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and blockchain technologies to make them available for a broad market of micro, small and medium enterprises around the world. Brixby will use platform to optimise its customer experience using live chat. Moreover, automating customer support will allow Brixby to significantly reduce costs and improve quality and availability of customer service.

A chatbot is a relatively new tool, a computer program that uses artificial intelligence that creates a genuine discussion just like with a real person. The chatbots “understand” what people ask in textual form and present the best answer. They have great search tools and can take service orders from the end-user. The Brixby project is looking at chatbot technology due to the following reasons: it is very personal way of communication, it is more reliable, it is available 24/7/365, there are no sick days, there are no motivational issues, chatbots are where the customers are, for instance WhatsApp, Telegaram, Facebook messanger, etc., and the technology is less expensive than hiring people to answer the same questions over and over again.

Today there are more than 1 billion users on messengers globally and the messengers are believed to the best way to communicate with 15-54 year olds. The Brixby’s audience falls exactly into that category. It is also very convenient that chatbot can understand when it cannot assist the user and it can always transfer the conversation to the human customer support representative. Also, the chatbots may be used to upsell the other Brixby products that customers are not currently using but may consider userful.

“We have used the technology provided by in our other projects, so we are very familiar with it. When launching the Brixby project, we knew immediately that we’ll use the technology to optimize the costs and the quality of the service. In the past, the platform allowed us significantly decrease the customer support costs and provide the high quality live support 24/7. For Brixby, the customer support is the only place where we get to meet our users. It is utmost important that the service is fast, of a superb quality, and personal. What is particularly attractive in platform, is that it uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. This modern technology will enable us to train our chatbots including the specifics of each market we are going to operate in. What is more, we’ll be able to optimise our customer support costs, which will make us more efficient and competitive. It’s a small margin market and every cent we save will make us a more profitable company.”

Daniil Titarenko, Brixby CEO & co-founder

Vitaly Gumirov, CEO added: “We are very excited about the partnership between and Brixby. The financial benefits of chatbot use for customer support are obvious: 80% of the customer queries are normally of the same type and can be properly handled by a well-trained bot, instead of human staff. Moreover, chatbots can be programmed to answer in various languages, therefore reducing requirements and skills of Brixby team. use is not limited only to technical support. Customer Care, payments, loyalty programs, coupons, sales and other things that can be built on our platform – they are all about Community Marketing. That comprises communication between businesses, their partners, existing and prospective clients to maintain their loyalty, improve product adoption and so on.”

Mr. Titarenko also said that the tool makes the work of customer support representatives a lot more interesting and less routine since the chatbot will take care of all the simple and repeating questions leaving the more challenging ones for the higher-level employees to sort out. So, instead of building a traditional call center and customer support department, Brixby will be able to offer jobs to more technically skilled people. It will allow to keep the employee turnover at lower rates and provide more challenging tasks with greater responsibility. The team is crucial to Brixby’s success and any tools that will improve the work of the team, make it faster, more interesting, and accurate will be used in this project.

About Brixby

Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners of any size who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app. Brixby will provide a decentralized blockchain-based marketplace, where each transaction is confirmed. Transportation services are in high demand, due to the growth of cities and increases in population. It is a USD 74+ BN market, that will only grow in the years to come, which is ready for innovation and transparency. The Brixby team has successfully implemented similar services and is now taking on this global challenge.

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About is a smart contract-based app marketplace and chatbot platform that includes chatbot developers, their clients and partners. With 15 years of experience in building high-performance solutions for mobile operators, banks, and fintech companies, team makes AI, blockchain, chatbot technologies, and digital community marketing affordable and ready to use for a broad market of small enterprises around the world. To learn more visit

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