eSignal 10.6 Premier Review

Nearly all Stock Trading, scanning and charting programs use eSignal data streams to populate the charts for their software, eSignal is the industry standard when it comes to data streams.

PROS / eSignal is the market leader in data feeds and provides charting, scanning and analyzing tools for all types of traders.
CONS / Nowadays it is perhaps a con to be platform specific instead of web-based. 
VERDICT / eSignal sets the industry standard for data streams.





Nearly all Stock Trading, scanning and charting programs use eSignal data streams to populate the charts for their software, eSignal is the industry standard when it comes to data streams. They also lead the way in charting and analyzing software for all trader types. The advantage of using eSignal day trading software is that an additional monthly fee is not required to use eSignal like most day trading software requires. A second advantage to using eSignal is that they offer a variety of solutions, including software for mobile traders, pro traders and casual traders. eSignal places above MultiCharts since it offers more broker compatibility and cell phone apps. eSignal can be obtained for as low as $95 per month. Keep in mind that this is for the software and for the data stream; you do not have to pay for a data feed separately. In addition, it can support many world indices, an unlimited number of symbols, a choice of U.S. or international exchanges and you can view up to 200 symbols at a time.



eSignal supports a variety of chart types and drawing tools. The chart types include bar, candlestick, Kagi, line, point and figure, point break and Renko. Their powerful drawing tools include Andrews’ Pitchfork, Fibonacci retracement and extension, linear regression, trend lines and a price ruler. The “advanced charting” tool includes customizable tick intervals on bar and candle charts, eSignal Formula Script (EFS), multiple symbol overlay with axis management, a stretch chart and a zero bar. In addition, it can support multi-threading for creating super fast results on multi-core PCs.




eSignal offers more than just the basic eSignal, they also offer:

  • eSignal OnDemand: This package provides End-of-Day (EOD) and delayed intraday charting using hundreds of technical indicators and pre-designed strategies. In addition, it provides direct trading with numerous brokers.
  • eSignal Pro: This tool is for brokers and institutional trading. It includes advanced charting, real-time data, backtesting, strategies and volume discounts.
  • Advanced GET Edition: This edition is designed for stock, futures, options and Forex trading. It also comes with nearly 100 hours of training and mentoring.
  • FutureSource Workstation: This tool is intended for those trading futures, options, cash, energy, foreign exchange and equities.
  • LiveCharts: This is eSignal’s web-based product, it can be accessed from any browser.
  • Market-Q: This is a web-based program for market professionals; it includes charts, news and quotes.
  • QuoTrek: eSignal’s mobile phone option, the leading cell phone app in the industry.
  • Scanners: This day trading software can scan the entire market based on selected criterion in real time.

eSignal really does do everything and they offer quite a bit of training to help traders learn how to most effectually use their software. eSignal supports more trading services than any other company: Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, TD AMERITRADE, optionsXpress and GAIN Capital / With full broker integration eSignal users can buy/sell, conduct order executions and monitor their account through the eSignal control panel.

This service provides quite a bit of additional education including seminars, trading education, free newsletters, a forum and a product called eSignal Learning. Their trading education topics include Market Mastery, The Strategic Trader, a free newsletter and free trading resources, which include articles and advice from active traders.

Their seminars are offered in the U.S., Canada and the U.K, including major cities such as San Jose, Austin, Toronto, Atlanta, London and Minneapolis. Their “Learn.Trade.Succeed!” seminars are free The Introduction to Advanced GET is $295 USD.

eSignal can be contacted through email, telephone or live chat. We found their live chat support to be well-informed, quick and responsive. Each software package comes with training information as well as embedded support. They also provide new user orientations, an active forum, a searchable knowledgebase, a symbols guide, trouble shooting support and formula studies.


eSignal is the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive trading product available. They provide the best data streams, extraordinary mobile tools and a high level of compatibility with many online stock traders and brokers. They also provide support, live seminars and a great help center and library.

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