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Bitcoin PR Buzz, the Bitcoin PR agency that started it all, announced that it recently provided free one-hour strategy consultations for those interested in making use of blockchain technology to expand the scale and impact of their business model in a changing world. For entrepreneurs who just started up a company that aims to make use of revolutionary blockchain technology, but needed the experienced eye of an expert, this is a game changing offer.

Remarkably, there are absolutely no strings attached.

Bitcoin PR Buzz is an agency that has been in the business for a half decade, specializing in providing strategic communications and public relations for those involved in the blockchain. Through that process, Bitcoin PR Buzz has gained tremendous expertise and has begun to share that expertise with motivated entrepreneurs.

On August 6, 2018, the agency offered special one on one public relations and marketing consultations totally free of charge and with utterly no strings attached.

Those who managed to take advantage of this special offer were able to meet with an expert account manager over Skype. Account managers involved in this process are understood to have deep experience working with companies integrating blockchain technology.

Many other important skills are involved in this process and were available to those working with the experts at Bitcoin PR Buzz.

For example, those involved gained access to valuable expertise related to social media presence, white paper construction, and platform design. Entrepreneurs also benefited from gaining a competitive advantage through a landscape analysis that will have taken advantage of deep expertise about rival organizations, their strategies, and their vulnerabilities.

In addition, we are talking about an expert PR company. So you can guess that strategic communications were a big part of the product.

For those reading this who feel like they may have missed a remarkable opportunity, there’s no need to fret: due to excessive demand, Bitcoin PR Buzz has begun to offer a new platinum executive package that offers all of these powerful values wrapped into a single powerful package. As we see it, this may well be the most effective and comprehensive PR and featured article package available anywhere in the blockchain world.

With this package, you could benefit from a host of powerful features, including: 11 featured articles on top-tier Bitcoin media, 11 featured, unique articles written and published for you on,,,,,,,,, (formerly, and PR publication on major crypto news sites including,, Coinspeaker, Criptonoticias, Criptomoedas Facil, ZYCrypto and much more. PR publication on, FOX, NBC and 500 other mainstream news sites. PR sent directly to newsdesks of over 500 outlets such as New York Times, Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg, and your company going viral on social media with full Twitter tracking link supplied.

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