Here Is How John McAfee Will Get To 1 Million Twitter Followers faster Than You Think

Popular crypto crusader, John McAfee, is loved by his loyal Twitter followers who currently number 845,000. McAfee was the founder of the popular anti-virus company with a similar name that has dominated the computer security industry for almost 30 years now. He would later resign from the company in 1994 and has since been a champion for emerging technologies as well as a fighter for the plight of those without a voice.

It is with such a background that it is not surprising that Mr. McAfee became a crypto-crusader who supports numerous projects in the industry – such as Docademic – as well as fighting for the rights of the regular crypto trader like you and I. His current battles include those with the SEC and the popular crypto exchange known as HitBTC. He has also promoted a new hardware wallet that he claims is unhackable.

In one of his tweets below, McAfee was expressing his views with regards to centralized exchanges when one of his Twitter followers posted a poll asking when McAfee’s followers will reach 1 Million.

At the moment of writing this, 18% of those who took the poll say that this number will be reached within a month; 29% say within 3 months; 17% believe it will take more than a year, and 36% saying that McAfee will never ever reach 1 Million followers on Twitter.

Doing the math once again, we realize that combining the percentages of those who had a favorable response to the poll, yields a result of an overwhelming 64% are for McAfee getting to 1 Million followers on Twitter. This is the first reason why McAfee will achieve just that. His popularity on Twitter might even be higher than that of President Trump. It is no wonder his Bitcoin predictions are so popular in the crypto space.

Secondly, McAfee continues to fight for the crypto-community on a daily basis. His presence on the social media platform of Twitter is one that cannot be ignored. Therefore, if we’d take a good guess as to when he will reach 1 Million followers, we’d say in a month or two. With Global Coin Report writing about this poll, there will probably be a virtual campaign to get more followers for John; which is absolutely natural.

In conclusion, the popularity of John McAfee has been earned by the man. He has continually supported crypto and blockchain technology as well as being the voice of the regular crypto-traders. A good example is his idea of a universal healthcare system through Docademic and its services on the blockchain. His 845,000 followers on twitter will reach 1 Million sooner than we think.

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