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Obsession can be both healthy and unhealthy. The healthy type is the one exhibited by the Crypto crusader, firearms enthusiast and future US Presidential Candidate (2020), John McAfee, with respect to the Docademic (MTC) project and cryptocurrency. Not only because the project is about healthcare, but because it shall succeed with its vision of accessible healthcare services on the blockchain as well as the token showing massive gains in the crypto markets.

For his presidential bid in 2020, John McAfee has chosen Docademic (MTC) as his choice healthcare platform for his campaign. McAfee believes that:

“My healthcare platform is Docademic. It is virtually free, functional and used by millions. It costs me nothing other than an app download and a few MTC tokens to get help. Imagine my advantage when my opposition, whether Dem or Republican, unveils their “PLANS” and I reveal my already functional system.”

Universal healthcare has been a topic for discussion in the US political arena for as long as anyone can remember. McAfee has reiterated that it as a defining element of political reforms. Everyone, irrespective of age or social economic status, relies on healthcare for their survival. Barack Obama spent a good time in office trying to convince other legislators that healthcare was vital for a nation and managed support for his Obama Care plan. However, President Trump has since challenged Obama Care on numerous occasions including offering ways of avoiding penalties for not having health care.

McAfee aims at ending the universal healthcare impasse in the US by proposing the relatively cheaper option of Docademic at your fingertips. The app is a gateway to medical services on the blockchain where patient records are secure and accessible whenever the user wants advice from a doctor on the network. The MTC token acts as ‘fuel’ for all the transactions on the platform.

The Docademic app now offers its services in 20 countries in Latin America and expanding to other regions in the world. McAfee once used the app and was thrilled by how fast he got connected to a doctor who gave him free advice. Ever since then, McAfee has been bullish about the price of the token as well as the mobile application it uses. He has Tweeted numerous times about it as can be seen below:

Market analysis indicates that Docademic is currently doing double-digit gains at the moment of writing this article. The token is currently valued at $0.40 and up 35% in an environment where the bigger coins of Bitcoin and Ethereum are having a hard time getting a footing in the crypto-markets.

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