The Effects of Cryptocurrencies On The Gambling Industry

Cryptocurrency and gambling are two industries that have seen rapid growth in recent years. Blockchain technology has had huge effects on a wide range of industries. Gambling is now seeing a transformation as the growth of cryptocurrency enters the industry.

Payment system

Using cryptocurrencies is now a payment method available on new online casinos and betting sites. However, most of the established betting sites, for example, yet to offer the payment option to its players. With this being said, it is growing as a method and the advantages it brings mean that one day it could take over as the main payment method that we use. The benefits of this are that it allows players to gamble anonymously and they can also play without having to create an account and send in any personal data to get their account verified. Another advantage for the gambling sites is that using the blockchain for the payment means there aren´t the fees associated with traditional payment methods, and players can also access their money much faster.


Transactions completed on a blockchain automatically create a record that cannot be changed or deleted. This means that anybody is able to confirm that a transaction has actually taken place. Therefore, betting sites are able to show that they are honest and transparent. Anybody can view winnings and access their money easily.

Decentralised structure

Not only does a decentralized structure mean better security, Blockchain technology allows anybody to become a member of the casino itself. Some Bitcoin casinos allow their users to fund the casinos and take a share of the profits. vSlice, run through the Ethereum platform, allows token holders to receive automatic dividends from profits that are generated. Wagerhas its own Blockchain network which provides a decentralized sports betting platform, which means that each betting type has its own unique type of transaction, and Wagerr states it ensures scale when it comes to creating consensus for determining winners and losers by having bets take place on the second tier of the network.

Casinos & Betting Sites that now exclusively use their own cryptocurrency

Zero Edge is an online casino using a blockchain network, but its business model is around the growth of its own cryptocurrency rather than profits taken from gamblers. All betting on the platform is using Zero Edge’s own cryptocurrency called ZERO. There is a fixed supply of ZERO tokens, so this means as demand grows, so does the value of the cryptocurrency. Due to this, all the games on ZeroEdge.Bet have a 0% house edge, meaning that gamers have the same chance as winning as the house, unlike traditional casino gaming where the odds are heavily in favour of the house. Zero Edge is also going to offer a 0% commission sports betting exchange, where players bet on a variety of different sports worldwide.

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