Tron (TRX) Is Destined To Take Over The World In Less Than A Week

The phrase taking over the world means that an individual or a group of individuals want to orchestrate world domination. This is a bit of a negative annotation because most of the times, it involves the use of some type of force: something we doubt the Tron (TRX) Foundation will be using on the 25th of June. Their weapon of choice during the Tron Independence day will be a fully functional Tron MainNet that is the epitome of blockchain technology. This platform is sure to edge out the already existing ones such as Ether’s platform.

This is how Tron will take over the world of technology as we know it. Its platform will be the choice platform for developers of Decentralized Applications because Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are making sure it is a solid platform. The platform will be able to achieve as much as 2,000 transactions per second with little to no fees when transacting on the MainNet, making it the preferred option for many users and DApp creators.  Tron users can initiate up to 25 transactions a day for free. Creating a new account requires coin burn of only 0.1TRX, and transfers cost 0.001TRX.

How will Tron achieve further domination?

To begin with, the current bug bounty program with an upper cap of $10 Million will guarantee the best of the best in the form of ethical hackers and institutional cybersecurity firms. One needs to only refer to the current issues facing the EOS MainNet to understand why a higher bounty will motivate the best to find the most hidden of bugs in the MainNet. Tron will be able to bypass any delay hurdles brought about by software bugs.

A second way Tron will take over the world of blockchain technology is through its vast community of followers and believers of Justin Sun. The twitter followers of Justin keep growing by the day and the number currently stands at 515,000. The Tron website indicates that there are currently 1.22 Million TRX HODLers furthering the claim that the community is one of the largest in the crypto-space, if not already the largest by individual numbers.

A third way that Tron will take over the world, is through the current momentum the project has. One needs only browse the numerous crypto news websites, to realize how much Tron news and updates are constantly covered. Another way would be to log in to Twitter and browse the numerous Tron related hashtags for comments.

It is therefore with the about few points, that Tron (TRX) is indeed headed towards World Domination in a technological way. What remains to be seen, is if all the developments and a functioning product will, in turn, cause the new coin of TRX to skyrocket to the stratosphere in terms of value.

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