Why Cardano (ADA) is Expected to Rise in Q3 2018

Cardano (ADA) has been one of the most stable and reliable cryptocurrencies around lately, and its team has made some significant progress so far. Their achievements and plans are many, and they all work together to bring this crypto to its full potential.

Making Cardano (ADA) reach its full potential is a long journey, and just like when it comes to other cryptos, patience is everything. Still, progress can be seen, and the team behind this crypto has decided to demonstrate it through the recently-released newsletter. In it, they are clearly detailing all the achievements so far, as well as the roadmap for the next quarter of this year.

And, if everything goes as planned, then ADA will definitely become a cryptocurrency worth having. Some believe that it might even go back up to $1 per coin in less than three months, which makes this period perfect for purchasing as many coins as you can, before their value skyrockets. This is a big thing for this crypto, so let’s see what accomplishments are responsible for this potential increase in ADA’s value.

Cardano’s latest and future achievements

One of the biggest and most important changes is Cardano’s introduction of a new version of its paper wallet. The new one is more advanced, which makes it much safer, and is also very usable. Wallets are rarely the first thing that comes to mind when you think about cryptocurrencies, but their competence to keep your money safe is one of the key elements in the world of crypto trading.

Investors need a safe place to put their money into, and to know that they will find it when they return after a while. Not having safe and usable wallets is one of the reasons why most investors avoid holding on to their cryptos. So, now, with the new and more capable wallet, Cardano has become one of the few cryptos that the investors might be comfortable with holding on to, and for a while too.

And while we are on the subject of wallets, Cardano’s team has managed to create a faster one, which is also capable of instantly synchronizing with the blockchain. The wallet is one of the most important products, as we have already established previously, and having a wallet like this is bound to attract more people due to its competence and practicality. The key element of this wallet is its ability to restore the lost wallet key if need be. This is a rare feature, and the investors will surely appreciate it due to large fear of losing all of their funds if they choose a regular wallet. With more trust comes more investments, and more value will be added to Ada.

Cardano’s new strategic partnership

Finally, let’s take a look to the future. One of ADA’s important projects includes attempts to enter a very important partnership, one that might help with bringing a publicity spike for this crypto. The partnership in question concerns Metaps Plus, one of the largest mobile companies in South Korea. A partnership with this company will definitely help Cardano with establishing itself in this country, and will even help this crypto with attracting even more investors. Not to mention that the company will integrate the ADA coin, which will eventually lead to a large increase in its use.

With all of these factors combined and more projects that ADA probably has in store, it is not that surprising that the crypto enthusiasts and market experts are convinced that ADA has quite a bright future ahead of it. Some even say that it will go up to $10 in the next year or two. Right now, all we can do is wait and see, but maybe getting a few coins while the price is low is not such a bad idea.

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